Alliances & Proud Members of

Tourism Declaration from Costa Rican Board of Tourism (ICT)

This is the official tourism institution in Costa Rica, in charge of marketing the country, promoting the tourist destinations, with constant innovation and motivation to maintain tourism as the primary source of income for Costa Rica. ICT recognizes and certifies Ecoterra Costa Rica as a Tour Operator in the Tourism Sector.



CANATUR National Board of Tourism:

This non-profit organization is at the top of the hierarchy of public and private tourism companies and associations of Costa Rica, whose priority is to defend and strengthen the sustainable development of the tourism sector and the well-being of the country.



Sustainable Tourism Certification:

Sustainable Tourism Certification (CST) is in charge of categorizing and certifying Costa Rican tourism
business which are dedicated to environmental protection and social programs.

Ecoterra Costa Rica is currently certified with 2 leaves due to our proper resource management, our belief that tourism development should be sustainable, and the balance we work to achieve when operating activities which interact appropriately with natural and cultural resources and support the communities and small businesses, through promoting rural community tourism in our tours and programs.



PAS 2060 Carbon Neutral Certificate:

This international certification of the renowned company Carbon Clear, whose primary objective is to achieve carbon neutrality in organizations which are dedicated to operate under sustainable practices and developing a plan to reduce emissions together with compensation programs.

As a socially and environmentally responsible company, Ecoterra Costa Rica is dedicated to reduce our environmental impact and limit our effects on global warming, operating as a Carbon Neutral company under the PAS 2060 standard.



Ecological Blue Flag Costa Rica:

The Ecological Blue Flag is a program which annually certifies companies and communities which demonstrate dedication to community work, and conservation of natural resources. The Blue Flag program aims to motivate the tourism sector in a process of continuous improvement in the area of the correct usage of natural and cultural resources and achieve sustainable development in Costa Rica.

Ecoterra Costa Rica is part of the Ecological Blue Flag Program of La Fortuna, and is dedicated to develop projects of social, cultural, and environmental well-being in our community, so that the tourists which visit us may enjoy a clean, safe, and friendly destination. We also encourage our team members to join the program, creating not only communities and companies which are sustainable, but sustainable homes as well.



PANIAMOR Foundation Code of Ethics:

This Code of Ethics aims to unite the businesses of the tourism sector against the sexual exploitation of children and teens. The affiliated companies are subjected to the regulations of the Code and to work together to fight against these crimes by creating a protection network for minors.

Ecoterra Costa Rica is very conscientious of the rights of all national and international children and adolescents, and trains its employees to identify suspicious behavior and to file reports with the appropriate authorities.



Tourism Ethic Code of the World:

The World Tourism Organization (OMT) has developed this code so that the tourism related businesses work together to maximize the benefits of the sector, promote good business practices, improve the understanding among the different nations of the world, promote peace, and minimize the negative impact on the environment, the social patrimony, and the society as a whole.

Ecoterra Costa Rica is committed to abiding by the norms and regulations established by the OMT, and has signed this code of ethics in support of the positive development of the tourism sector.



Social and Environmental Responsibility Program in our tours:

Ecoterra Costa Rica shares in the Zero Waste Policy. All of our waste products are classified and recycled. The water bottles given to our guests during our tours are reused in a social and environmental program together with the company Agua Costa Rica which converts the bottles in roofing for the homes of low income Costa Rican families.